I Have Canceled My MySpace Account

Yes, I figured it was about that time. When asked in the “exit poll” why I was canceling, I cited “Privacy Issues”. As in, I don’t want anyone who willingly decides to spend their free time browsing MySpace to know anything about me.
Props to MySpace however for creating a very easy account cancellation process. Click on Account Settings > Cancel My Account > Cancel. You get a confirmation email to click on, and it’s done. Many companies, including all credit card subscription services, have a lot to learn from MySpace about how allowing easy account closing creates a positive customer experience. See this post on EFax for an example.
RIP Recursive Descent.

PlayOn Beta – Windows Software That Actually Works

It’s a rare occurrence that I fire up my IBM Thinkpad and boot it into Windows XP, but when I heard about PlayOn Digital Media Server, I scrolled through the old GRUB boot loader and loaded up old XP for the win. Following these simple steps, I was watching on demand Hulu, Netflix, CBS, ESPN and Youtube on my 40-inch 1080p TV in seconds.

  1. Download PlayOn
  2. Run PlayOn Installer
  3. Turn on PS3 and visit the video menu
  4. Choose Hulu from the PlayOn Menu
  5. An episode of The Office started within seconds.

To my complete and utter surprise…that was it. The PS3 and laptop were each connected to my WiFi network, and the PS3 found the media server immediately. It’s sad that my expectations would have me believe that this wouldn’t work, but since it did I thought I’d share. 

The PlayOn Beta is supposed to be a 14-day free trial, followed by a one time $30 fee. We’ll see how they progress and how much use I get out of it before opening my wallet, but it looks like a good start.