What is Hyperpublic?


As an entrepreneur you frequently get asked what you do, what you're working on, and what your big idea is. Even your closest friends don't always know, since over the years they've observed all of the "pivots", "iterations", and "experiments" that you've conducted in the name of finding that elusive product market fit. I'd like to explain what Hyperpublic, the product we launched two weeks ago, is all about, since there is more to the company than appears on the newly minted Hyperpublic.com. 

Hyperpublic is a company focused on capturing and structuring local data.

What does that mean? Well, we look at local data as being any object in the world with a location attached to it. These objects can be people, they can be places (like restaurants, shops, and parks), or they can be things (like the West Elm bookcase in your apartment you're trying to sell). After we know what the object is and where it is, we'd like to structure and attach as much data to it as we can. This data may be photos, it may be tags that describe it, it may be pricing data if the item is for sale, it may be contact information. The list goes on.

After you collect and structure all of this data, there are a lot of things you can do with it. You can browse photos of local restaurants, you can find and hire a babysitter in your neighborhood, you can list all of the great comic books for sale in your city. We'd like to make it available to developers in order to find uses that we haven't even dreamed about. As such, the Hyperpublic platform will have an open API where developers can not only pull our data to create and enhance local applications, but they can also push objects, tags, and photos back into the system to distribute through the Hyperpublic ecosystem.

Hyperpublic.com is the first application built on top of the Hyperpublic platform. It exposes some of the data in the system as a local search, discovery, and curation tool for several big cities in the United States. Add yourself to the site if you'd like to be discovered. Tag yourself with "web designer", "freelance", "writer", or "looking for love". Browse your local neighborhood and save your favorite places and items into lists to organize your local world. Share your favorite spots with your friends. Post items you want to sell to the things category. You can join by simply emailing a picture of yourself, a thing, or a place to add@hyperpublic.com from your camera phone. No signup required.

Structuring data and location around every single person, place, and thing in the world and becoming a data provider is certainly a large goal, but it's a goal that our team is incredibly excited about pursuing. We'll have to solve hard problems involving big data, search, mobile product design, API and platform design, and more. If you're interested in working with us on these challenges, I'm hiring. Email me at doug@hyperpublic.com, or hit me up @petkanics.