Who I want to work with

Things over at JumpPost have been moving very quickly, and we’re excited to be making our first full time hire. We’re looking for a lead product designer, and the full job post can be found over at TheResumator.

We’re a product focused company, and as such our product designer will play a key role in the success of what we’re building. Since I’ll be working closely with this hire every day, I figured now would be a good time to declare who I want to work with in an ideal world outside the guise of a formal job post.

It goes without saying that our product designer should have a great sense of design. Show me what you’ve designed before, show me that you’ve created great user experiences, and show me that you go the extra mile to really take ownership of the full product experience from beginning to end.

You should not only be able to think in terms of product experience, but you should be able to implement your designs as well. I can do all the back end coding and get you the data that you need, but you should use your HTML, CSS, and javascript skills to make the design a reality. Implementation and execution are everything.

You should be fearless. Designing for the web is one thing, but you should also jump at the opportunity to switch gears and work with UIKit to design for the iPad, work with FBML to distribute our listings into Facebook, and design widgets to be embedded across the web. We’re thinking a lot about distribution at JumpPost, so all environments are fair game. These skills aren’t required in advance, but you should have the guts and confidence to work with us to learn them as required.

One of our greatest strengths as a young company is that we have big ideas and we build quickly. I’m far from a brilliant programmer, but I have confidence in my ability to build whatever it is that we dream up. If you feel the same way about yourself as a product designer, I’d love to talk to you. Check out the job post, and get in touch.